Bridging the Gender Data Gap in Transport

Different Cities – Different Results

Although the results in all three cities revealed similar concerns about drivers as well as women’s worries about verbal sexual harassment and other safety issues, what that looked like in each place and for each demographic was highly variable. As these commonalities can be explored further on a broader level, the workshops in each city revealed potential solutions that could vary based on the geographic location and situation. What appears to have been a solution in Nairobi — the digital payment app — may not resolve the issues women face in Gauteng, where drivers vary their price based on the person.

“From an urban or transport planning perspective, the kind of data collected for this study should be a prerequisite for any Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan or National Urban Mobility Plan.” To that end, these more individualized approaches to data collection provided researchers with interesting insights in each of the three cities.

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This is where the study data was collected

Click on one of the cities to find out about the respondents there and how their travel differ from one another.

Nairobi, Kenya

Pop. 4.6-million
Capital city of Kenya
The relationship between comfort and time, and the potential external impacts of mode choice.

Lagos, Nigeria

Pop. 14.86-million
Second largest City in Africa
The impact of care work and trip chaining on mode choice, and the significance cost and safety.

Gauteng, South Africa

Pop. 15.8-million
Contain largest city of Johannesburg
Overreliance on (informal) public transport where money opens up options, and the value of ‘ubuntu’

Decision-making matrix of different profiles interviewed

The blue dots summarise which factors the different types of women prioritise in their decision-making process around public transport.

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